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April 14, 2011 – Pedro Duque, an independent software developer, released today Wristwatches (and pocket watches), as a functional time tool, have greatly decreased since the advent of cellphones. People have been looking at their phones to see the time. We have decided to embrace that paradigm and create an application which provides the end user elegant timepieces with both high-style and high-functionality. Additionally, the deep editing levels enable the end user to create a timepiece which is uniquely their own. It's about time. review at Android Walker

Android Walker just did an online review of Check out here: It's in Japanese and has a great walkthrough video:

F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions)

Q: Why the name R: If you're asking this you probably never noticed the time in most watch ads. It's usually 10h10m36s. There are several theories about this but the most credible I got says that it looks like a smile and it's the best way to centre the company name within the hands. You may want to check out this answers: v1.0 is now available on Android Market

First version of comes in two flavors: Free (ads enabled) or Gold.

You can find it by using the QB codes available here:

d'Clock Live is dead. d'Watchmaker is dead. Long live!

A major shift happened. We decided to drop d'Clock Live and package d'Watchmaker and d'Clock Live functionality together, adopting a new name Being a major change we felt we need a full standalone article to explain what will happen and why.

D'Watchmaker v3.3

A new version for D'WatchMaker is available on Android Market.

This new version allows you to download the DCP files directly to your D'Watchmaker application like happens right now with the gmail application.

In this version there were also some terms update in order to make it more intuitive. So "Under Box" became "Clock Face", "Over Box" became "Center Point" and "Dials" and "Positions" became "Marks". (Thank you Evan for the help!)

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