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Finally: Weather icons on!

Version 2.4 finally makes weather icons available to clocks as the weather provider changed from Google to Yahoo! Weather API.


Now you can also rotate text in extras giving you extra possibilities when creating your clocks.

If you use the system background as a background image, you will find out the the background will scroll as it is supposed to.

Fonts used in v2.x

I'm attaching to this post the fonts that were provided with v2.x (x<=3). The fonts won't be shipped with the app from next release in order to save space and make it more compact (it will save around 200k).

All clocks in the library that use these fonts will be updated in the gallery but the fonts will remain here for reference.

If you have a custom clock that use these fonts please download the specified font and include it as an external font.

Forum is now closed!

Due to a high level of spam post and a low participation rate the forum is now closed.

The comments are also subject to an approval process. I hope you understand this as an effort to keep the post's quality. got an article in AndroidSpin

Android Spin published an article about and the spread though the net like wildfire.

Check it out in these links: free reached 100k downloads Free edition reached today the 100k download mark. It's an important mark that will trigger the v2.0 development.

The v2.0 main feature will be the ability to upload clocks directly from the application to the web site but there already some feature requests like moon phases and a backup functionality.

We're waiting for you comments on new features!

"Day Pass" v1.0 explained

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"Day Pass" mechanic was introduced in v1.16 and it's the new model for supporting free.

The application will work as usual for free clock, meaning that you can use those free clocks as much as you want wherever you want that no nag will show.

If you use a non free clock (or downloaded clocks or edited free clocks) you are under "day pass" model.

If you are under day pass model, a nag will show up on the clock when the day pass is exhausted. It's not a real nag, it's just a message that will show up every 10 sec saying you must renew your day pass. made it to Android Police!

in "34 Best New Android Apps From The Last 2 Weeks (5/20/11 – 6/2/11)" review on Android app log

Android App Log got hold of and did a review on it.

Check it out at: over the net

Since it's launch (and specially after xda-developers home page hit) has been making a buzz over the specialized sites in the internet. at xda-developers front page made it to xda-developers front page on the 19th April.
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