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April 14, 2011 – Pedro Duque, an independent software developer, released today Wristwatches (and pocket watches), as a functional time tool, have greatly decreased since the advent of cellphones. People have been looking at their phones to see the time. We have decided to embrace that paradigm and create an application which provides the end user elegant timepieces with both high-style and high-functionality. Additionally, the deep editing levels enable the end user to create a timepiece which is uniquely their own. It's about time. highlights is the first clock creation tool that allows the user to create analogue and digital clocks to be used as live wallpaper or as a widget on the user’s Android device. have 3 main modules: application, live wallpaper and widget. Application highlights: opens into a full screen clock from the 14 pre-stocked clocks available with the application. The clock gallery can be browsed by tapping the screen or swiping left or right. Using the menu, the user can edit the presented clock, changing all its elements: hands, marks, extras and faces. Clock hands and extras can show different functions like date, time, battery charge, gsm and wifi signal strength or available RAM. Clock hands have 18 editable parameters, from graphical elements like hand width or length, to sounds associated with each hand movement. Clock marks (and numbers) have 19 parameters allowing the user to configure which numbers and marks will be shown in the clock. Clock extras permit the user to introduce textual elements in the clock and Clock faces are used to configure the clock background. Clock faces have 12 parameters to be edited. The custom clock can be shared in website ( and will be available for download in all installed applications. Live Wallpaper Any clock from the clock gallery can be used as a Live Wallpaper. The user can customize this live wallpaper by choosing a plain color background or use an image on his device as background. The image can be fixed or can scroll (like the stock wallpaper) from screen to screen. By double tapping over the clock, the user can change the displayed time zone, launch the alarm application or the application. Widget There are 2 widget sizes available: 2x2 and 4x4. The widget can be displayed in any available space on the user home screen. The user can choose any clock from the clock gallery to use as a widget. The Free edition have 6 stocked clocks that can be used freely, without ads, as a live wallpaper or as a widget. While the other available clocks will display we hope that by allowing users to use for free, more users will join the open discussion on our forums at and will be excited to design and create clocks using application and share them in the website. More information about the new release can be found at the following URL:

Pricing and Availability Free is now available for free! Free can be downloaded from the following URL: Gold is now available on Android Market! Gold can be downloaded from the following URL: The application is priced differently depending on the regional access now standard in Android Market (0.99€ in Europe, $0.99 in US).


For any additional questions/suggestion we invite you to post on our forums at or contact the developer directly to

About Pedro Duque

Pedro Duque is a Portuguese Android software developer with over 10 years’ experience in mobile market industry. You can find him on facebook (, linkedin ( and twitter (

Press Kit

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