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F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions)

Q: Why the name R: If you're asking this you probably never noticed the time in most watch ads. It's usually 10h10m36s. There are several theories about this but the most credible I got says that it looks like a smile and it's the best way to centre the company name within the hands. You may want to check out this answers: Q: How can I backup my clocks? R: There is a new function in deskclock menu under "manage" that allows you to backup and restore your clock collection. Q: How do I prepare a bitmap to use in R: There are two different type of bitmaps you can use in bitmaps for hands and bitmaps for faces. To prepare a bitmap for hands you should create your hand oriented vertically to the top so it will rotate around the centre of the bitmap. The bitmap for the face doesn't have any restriction but be careful to use the lower resolution possible to preserve memory. As a guideline I usually limit my bitmaps to a max. dimension of 512px. Q: Why is the package name com.portugalemgrande? R: It's a reminiscence from a website to promote positive news in Portugal. It was created in 2004 and now is transformed in a facebook group. You can find it at Q: Why have LiveClock as a package name? R: Initially was named Live Clock, because it evolved from Live Gallery. When I realised that there was a name clash with LiveClock ( I changed the name to D'Clock Live and later to Q: Where is the User Manual? R: There is no User Manual yet. There is a lot going on the application but you can always get help by sending an email to (usually the answer is immediate) or by posting your question in the forums.