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v3.15 is out

Version 3.15 is now on Google Play.

With v3.15 now mathematical expression can be used as input in number fields, so you can add angles, divide them, use trigonometry, and all those nice formulas you learn at school.

But even better is that you can use those expressions in Hands and Extras. You can mix these variables in the value represented:
- sec: seconds (from EPOCH)
- month: month (1 to 12)
- wifi: wifi signal strenght
- bat: battery charge percentage
- srise: next sunrise (seconds from EPOCH)
- sset: next sunset (seconds from EPOCH)
- temp: temperature in celcius (from yahoo)
- hum: humidity percentage (from yahoo)
- moon: moon phase percentage
- gsm: GSM signal
- mem: available memory
- cpu: CPU percentage
- lat: latitude
- long: longitude
- alt: altitude

and use the following operations:
and the functions:
abs, acos, asin, atan, ceil, cos, exp, floor, log, round, sin, sqrt and tan

you can also make comparisons with the if operator in the format "if(x, y, z)"

Be brave and try them out!

By the way, the XXL Widget is now updating correctly.