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Bubbles III
This new release features a completly reworked clock library.

Now, instead of having 3 categories (top 10, last 10 and all) you have the clocks categorized as in the site. The available categories are:

  • All
  • Alternative
  • Analog
  • Battery
  • Bitmaps
  • CPU
  • Digital
  • GSM
  • Memory
  • Moon
  • New Fonts
  • Sound
  • Weather
  • Wifi
  • Worldtime

new categories can appear over time as these are dinamically fetched from the site.

Regarding the clock hands, you now have new functions available as hour of week, minute of day, second of hour hand functions. These functions make hour, minute and secong redundant (as they can derive from these with clever usage of divisions) but are retained for clarity. A new hand type, inverted arc allows you to have clocks filling the full circle with, for example, two diferent colours (good for battery meters)

Some internal updates were made. We are now using the new ACRA library to collect application crashes and dropped the automatic location update because the location API from yahoo is no longer available for free.

The evil bug that was keeping your clock email attachment from opening was smashed and checking for new clocks is now working in the latest versions of Android.

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