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At a glance, what do you look at in a watch and from where?
It varies by person and what you've been doing, and by a position you look at it.

At a glance, at a distance: The short hand moves analogue, but we just need its integer value.
Big digital HOUR in the center accordingly, and approx position of MINUTE as a break of Landolt ring.

For preciser values, by making it nearer: Smaller digits will be useful and sufficient.
From the top: MINUTE, SECOND, HOUR, am-pm, year/month, day of the week and date.

Q-Orbit: my love for space and because the short hand rectangle looks like a tail of char Q.

Based on pmduque's Enso(円相 in Zen drawings)and admin's Beo 5. Many thanks to them and the great
For years I've been looking for this kind of a WRIST watch in my real life.

Just as other design cosmetics:
Orange thin rect: WiFi, Red rect: Battery, Yellow rect: Free memory %, Cyan rect: CPU usage % and a going-around small circle: SECOND.

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