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"Day Pass" v1.0 explained

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"Day Pass" mechanic was introduced in v1.16 and it's the new model for supporting free.

The application will work as usual for free clock, meaning that you can use those free clocks as much as you want wherever you want that no nag will show.

If you use a non free clock (or downloaded clocks or edited free clocks) you are under "day pass" model.

If you are under day pass model, a nag will show up on the clock when the day pass is exhausted. It's not a real nag, it's just a message that will show up every 10 sec saying you must renew your day pass.

In version 1.0 the day pass is renewed by clicking in an ad someplace in application. When you click an ad you will disable the nag for another 24h.

For future versions diferent actions will trigger the day pass (like rating a clock, uploading a clock, rating the app, etc...) and you will be able to accumulate day passes so you can get rid of the nag for longer periods.

If you consider this a nuisance, you can alway upgrade to gold and get rid of ads and nags...

If you consider it like a game, wait for more news!

Either way, leave us your opinion!