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Welcome to is an amazing clock application to your Android device.

With you build your own digital clock and use it as a live background, as a widget or as a full screen clock. Use the stocked clocks or download new models from here.

Share your creations with your friends and with the World!

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News from the front

There's been long since we gave you news about but development haven't freeze just went through dead end roads so now it must be reversed.

As you probably noticed, the site colour has changed. This is to encompass the changes made in the icon. The new icon is attached to this post and is intended to give a fresh new look to

We've been trying to redesign the icons in clock editor but the final version was not a step forward so now we are in the process of reversing the changes.

v3.15 is out

Version 3.15 is now on Google Play.

With v3.15 now mathematical expression can be used as input in number fields, so you can add angles, divide them, use trigonometry, and all those nice formulas you learn at school.

But even better is that you can use those expressions in Hands and Extras. You can mix these variables in the value represented:
- sec: seconds (from EPOCH)
- month: month (1 to 12)
- wifi: wifi signal strenght
- bat: battery charge percentage
- srise: next sunrise (seconds from EPOCH)
- sset: next sunset (seconds from EPOCH)

Important bugs solved in v3.14.2

In this version some important bugs were solve mainly related with embossing (and some artifacts appearing in Editor mode), sound and restore.

Clock slide in deskclock is now using multithreading so it should work more smoothly.

There are some new features like jumping hands for hours and minutes and the top menu will hide/show when tapping deskclock. release 3.14 is now found in Google Play

Bubbles III
This new release features a completly reworked clock library.

Now, instead of having 3 categories (top 10, last 10 and all) you have the clocks categorized as in the site. The available categories are:

  • All
  • Alternative
  • Analog
  • Battery
  • Bitmaps
  • CPU
  • Digital
  • GSM
  • Memory
  • Moon
  • New Fonts
  • Sound
  • Weather
  • Wifi
  • Worldtime v3.14 RC 2

This should be the last RC before release.

Everything should be working ok (at least to the extent of this release).

New features:
* Hour of week, minute of day, second of hour hand functions
* Inverted Arc Hand type
* Completely reworked gallery
* New ACRA version

* Removed autolocation for yahoo weather

Smashed bugs:
* reading clocks from email fixed
* Check for clocks is working

Votes updated

In order to have a more fair rating, a Bayesian Average is now used to calculate a clock rating (C=30;m=75).

This will push new clocks to about 75% of the table progressing with new votes, instead of going straight to the top if the owner rate it 5.

The new v3.13 brings new hand and face types

New v3.13 formats The new version available on the market brings a new style for hands, arc, and 3 new face types, barrel, star and polygon.

While arc is a style in some way similar to "stylish" it's much more controlled where parameters behave as expected.

For the new face styles, you can control some of it's parameters using the final angle: for barrel you control the aperture for the rounded side, for the other two styles final angle controls the number of sides. Manual

This manual is still a work in progress... at AppSurfer

Try directly from your browser!

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